We have years of experience, not layers of people. Our career tax professionals possess a depth and breadth of knowledge that is unrivaled. Through our ConsultingGs and ComplianceGs teams, we analyze and advise on the full range of federal and multistate tax issues. From corporate transactions and unusual operational situations, to risk analysis and quantification during and in anticipation of audits, we have been saving our clients time and money for years.


From custom-built solutions to tax software evaluation, selection, implementation, and integration, our EnterpriseGt team works closely with you to understand and solve your current and future needs. We are experts in both tax and technology, which means we provide expert guidance no matter what the challenge. Plus, ProvisionGt (our SaaS-based tax provision preparation solution), has a new user experience with intuitive navigation to increase productivity and collaboration, protect data integrity, and create clear audit visibility.

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GAGNONtax works closely with professionals nationwide to solve their tax challenges, using creative strategies and leading-edge technology. Whether it’s through our tax consulting, tax compliance, or tax technology practices, we look at your specific challenges and find the perfect balance between risk and reward. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

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