All project staff
are career professionals with years of relevant experience. They bring a wealth of technical and project management experience to
the table.

Success Stories

Practice Areas

GAGNON offers a range of solutions that directly impact the financial performance of our clients. Click the practice area of your choice for more detail.

Tax Consulting

We are a full-service tax consulting firm providing all corporate tax functions. From supplementing existing tax resources with specialist knowledge when needed, through outsourcing part or all of the corporate tax function, any service level is available.

Tax Technology

What makes GAGNON different? There are many components in a successful tax technology project. What separates GAGNON from others is our commitment to ensuring our clients have not only a positive experience, but one that is self-sustaining for the future. We actively facilitate knowledge transfer with our clients throughout each project, not just at the end. We also create customized user documentation for each client. Finally, by keeping the same team involved with each client, communication stays consistent. No figureheads affect the process. It is always our goal to have each client as a positive reference.

Tax Compliance

Our tax compliance services range from tax provision calculation through preparation of original or amended returns for all jurisdictions and all types of tax.