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Tax Technology

GAGNON provides a full range of tax technology consulting services. For further information, click on any service listed.

Third party solutions

GAGNON team has successfully implemented all major third party sales and use tax solutions in various scenarios, from calculation through return preparation. We have upgraded and migrated systems to more current versions, following best practices and enhancing capabilities for our clients. Experience allows us to apply our knowledge in a project and client specific manner. Through this practice, we ensure that each phase of the process—whether designing modifications to the tax interface, developing test scenarios, creating user documentation or any component of the overall engagement—is tailored to meet each client’s needs.


GAGNON partners with Vertex, Inc. to provide a comprehensive technology solution, leveraging our tax and technology experience. Our trained professionals are dedicated to providing clients with the resources they need to integrate the Vertex systems, including income and transaction tax, with SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Lawson, and JD Edwards.

Our transaction and income tax experts bring extensive background in tax technical, process and technology skills, representing a wide range of service capabilities. This combination enables our professionals to provide several levels of consulting services including feasibility studies, software installation, data extraction and transformation services, and complete turnkey implementations which provide for a comprehensive solution to the tax compliance process.

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is a proven expert in transaction tax management, enabling finance, tax, and IT professionals to achieve accurate, timely, and cost-effective compliance for sales tax, use tax, value-added tax (VAT), and industry-specific taxes and fees.  The company’s flagship product, the Thomson Reuters Application Suite, empowers Global 2000 companies to manage transaction tax with consistent accuracy, control, and efficiency.  The Thomson Reuters Application Suite is an enterprise-class, centralized transaction tax management system that seamlessly connects to all financial applications requiring the determination, calculation, and recording of transaction taxes. With Thomson Reuters, a company has a single transaction tax solution and a single system of record for transaction tax compliance, with distributed management and control for geographically dispersed tax professionals. The Thomson Reuters Application Suite has been implemented at global enterprises across a variety of industries, including, BASF, Cisco, DTE Energy, IBM, QUALCOMM, Sportsman’s Warehouse, and York International.

The relationship is built around GAGNON’s ability to complement the Thomson Reuters product with their knowledge of the tax industry and the technology that surrounds it. With constant changes in the sector, providing tax technology services such as migration from older and out-of-date tax software to state-of-the-art systems such as the Thomson Reuters solution will have a positive effect on the market.


ADP – Tax Services for Businesses, including Automated Sales & Use Tax Processing.


CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business produces sales and use tax information and compliance tools that provide timely and accurate tracking and reporting of sales and use tax rates in more than 7,500 jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, the company offers a line of specialized database and software products for businesses in especially complex sales and use tax environments, including the telecommunications, retail, utilities, food, and grocery industries.

The GAGNON Group provides in-depth knowledge and proficiency with the CCH products that enable mutual customers to derive the most benefit from their tax processes. The Firm works with clients in a collaborative method to take advantage of the vast research and sales and use tax product offerings provided by CCH, assisting with the integration of these technology tools within our clients’ financial applications.


Tax Technology Services (TTS) is a rapidly growing Sales Tax Exemption Processing and Certificate Compliance Solutions provider with a commitment to quality customer service. TTS offers CertCaptureTM, a leading solution for the automation of compliance in Exemption Certificate Management – without regard to client’s computing platform, and CertKeeper, a tool to help ensure the appropriate tax certificates are sent out – even if by non-tax staff members. TTS is a member of all of the leading Sales Tax associations and the Streamlined Sales Tax Business Advisory Council for Exemption Certificates. TTS is located in Raleigh, NC and privately held. For more information, visit

 The GAGNON Group works with CertCapture and CertKeeper to provide companies a solution for certificate and image management, ensuring a high level of compliance in sales tax audits. Combining the experience with various applications, from ERP providers to tax automation products, and market knowledge of imaging will allow companies functionality that has previously been difficult to attain.


GAGNON partners with Advantax, LLC. to provide a comprehensive technology solution, leveraging our tax and technology experience.  Our trained professionals are dedicated to providing clients with the resources they need to integrate the Advantax property tax system (PTR), which includes data integration with a variety of fixed asset software applications provided by CCH, BEST, and ERP fixed asset modules such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Lawson, JD Edwards, Epicore, and more.

Our transaction and income tax experts bring extensive background in tax technical, process and technology skills, representing a wide range of service capabilities.  This combination enables our professionals to provide several levels of consulting services including software installation, system configuration, data extraction and load services, and complete turnkey implementations which provide for the comprehensive solution to the tax compliance process.

Financial applications

When choosing the right service provider for your project, it is important that your team is knowledgeable about your ERP system. The intricacies of each financial system vary significantly, and provide challenges to the processes. GAGNON has successfully worked with many ERP systems to find the best method for project success, no matter what your accounting system. From knowing which solutions are certified, to understanding the nuances of the ERP system, to best practices for each implementation environment, we use our experience with these applications to provide you with the most effective project.

ERP Systems

ERP Systems have areas of variation in their integration with third party tax packages, as well as a variety of nuances, whether through interfaces or customizations. To be able to attain desirable results, knowledge of each ERP and how it works with the tax engines must be applied. GAGNON has experience with all major ERP vendors, and their certified tax providers, which enables comprehensive project success.

Examples of ERP Systems:

Legacy (e.g. AS400, mainframe)

Catalog or eCommerce Systems

GAGNON has performed consulting and implementation services in a variety of catalog and eCommerce system integrations. Extensive experience in product mappings and conversions is one of our primary differentiators in this area. Understanding the overall goals, and ensuring that all aspects of the applications are cohesive as a whole, are the keys to the success of these projects.

Examples of eCommerce Systems:


Point-of-Sale or Register Systems

Providing tax calculations at the store level that work in tandem with all related business processes is a challenge for many companies. GAGNON has worked with many retailers to find a solution that is effective, from distribution of the rates and rules to electronic certificate management at the localized level.

Examples of Register Systems:

Epicor Retail POS and Store Systems
Tyler Technology Cashiering system
Radiant Aloha


GAGNON team has built an experience level for verticals through successful implementations across many industries. With this knowledge, GAGNON joins business and technical requirements to meet the needs of each client. This is critical for the many companies that require more than a “vanilla” solution. We provide a team with familiarity within a wide range of scenarios. This ensures a successful project from initial assessments through testing and production.

Examples of Verticals:

Manufacturing & Distribution
Medical Device/Life Sciences
Media and Electronics
Financial Services

Experience strengths

At GAGNON, we understand the best overall practices for tax automation implementations, from planning to choices in third party packages, and how they will affect your timelines and deliverables. Often, there is disparity between the understandings of the tax and IT departments, and adding the component of project management can bridge an important gap in the process, to ensure proper communication and success going forward. GAGNON’s experience in the full implementation area, from identifying needs, to reconciling data sources and streamlining the returns process, enables our clients to meet their corporate goals and expectations.

Tax Knowledge

With the maturation of various tax software offerings, there has been a need to determine the accuracy and effectiveness of the sales and use tax compliance process, as well as how it can be improved. Through our Tax Strategy service offering, we help assess where a company is relative to where they would like to be and the best path to follow to achieve its goals. Through this process, we also identify potential areas of over/underpayment and resolve these issues to help reduce operating costs by way of reduced audit assessments and/or eliminating unnecessary sales/use tax costs. With the growing need to certify internal controls, this area is quickly becoming more visible and important.

Data Transformation

Our technology team creates the foundation that allows your personnel to focus on strategic activities rather than data management. Your custom solution will provide:

1. Rapid retrieval of information, decreasing time and cost for internal and external audits.

2. Data cleansing and transformation of financial data in support of regulatory compliance filing preparation.

3. Meaningful reports that measure activity contained within the financial system against defined key performance indicators.

Certificate Management

An issue that is prevalent in the tax industry is the ability to effectively track exemption certificates and be able to store and retrieve these records when audited. There are many alternatives (built-in functionality, third-party solutions, etc.), but understanding which option is right for your company, and how best to implement that solution, are critical decisions in creating a system that meets your objectives, and must be made before choosing a vendor or expending internal resources. GAGNON has developed a set of variables that will help you define your pain points and assist your company in choosing, configuring and implementing the right ECM technology solution.

Tax System Integration

Whether you have chosen a software solution to integrate with your financial system, or are just “beating the bushes” trying to determine the right path for your company, GAGNON can streamline and simplify the process. We have implemented all major systems in a variety of verticals and can provide advice and services specific to your needs based on this experience. Our professionals can work with your tax and IT teams to find the best fit, for the most effective end-to-end automation, with the least disruption to your everyday operations. At GAGNON, we are able to envision the full scope of your issues and requirements quickly, and deliver in a timely manner.

System Selection

We review corporate tax systems currently in use by clients to identify and document potential system improvements on previously installed and configured income and sales and use tax systems, including tax compliance desktop and server applications. We are then able to help determine whether existing systems can be improved to better meet compliance needs. We can also recommend alternative tax systems that may be better suited to the circumstances.



GAGNON provides a wide range of benefits from our knowledge of assessing various paths to achieving the best performance from your tax solutions. Through our assessment service offering, you will gain confidence in the functionality of your tax systems by ensuring that you have the most efficient business processes and products in place.

Software Evaluation and Selection

A third party solution may be the right choice for your tax department. But, how do you choose? If your company sells on the web and by catalog in locations with tax holiday implications, should you use the same solution that works for a manufacturer in a single jurisdiction? We have worked with vendors in many verticals, from calculations to returns, with various ERP and financial applications. We draw on this knowledge to provide the best recommendations specifically for our clients. While in one case it may be the right time to move to a new technology, in another case improving existing applications may be the right answer.

Tax and Technology Tune-ups

Tax data and rules, along with technology updates, are in a constant state of motion, and can easily fall out of balance, affecting your accuracy and business requirements. By reviewing these systems, and having documentation to better plan for changes through our Tune-Up services, GAGNON can help in staying ahead of issues that might arise if left unchecked.

Analytics for Tax Effectiveness

Our technology team customizes taxonomy tools with business intelligence that anticipates possible business events, identifies deviations from trends, and monitors performance.

We design, develop and implement business analytics that are maintainable and sustainable at low cost. These tools support business goals and significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all tax and finance functions.

Business intelligence is introduced into your management system by embedding key performance indicators to measure and monitor your significant metrics. This solution includes:

1. Forecasting of potential tax liabilities or refund opportunities

2. Monitoring financial information used to prepare tax provisions

3. Measuring activity contained within the financial system against defined key performance indicators

Tax Data-Mart

Technology tools are abundant in the world of tax, making the evaluation and choice of a solution to support your specific needs a time consuming and expensive endeavor. These tools can be utilized for many tasks, including automating your tax project via Excel or MS Access, or for data transformation to convert and conform data to your requirements. GAGNON has created service offerings meant to address needs associated with Tax Return Data Import and Tax Data Transformation, enabling companies to simplify processes such as reporting by legal entity and upgrading or migrating their existing tax systems while maintaining data integrity. GAGNON has also developed specialized Extract, Transform and Load (“ETL”) tools to effectively extract and load data between various applications.